Eastvale Edition

Residents working together to make Eastvale a clean, safe and friendly place to live!

Eastvale town hall meeting

February 2016


Eastvale’s Mayor, Ike Bootsma, informed residents of the City’s upcoming 5th Annual State of the City Address. Please save the date: Tuesday, April 5th at the Eastvale Community Center. Admission to the Address and the dessert reception is free. Look for more information on the city’s website.

• Code Enforcement:

Eastvale has a new Code Enforcement Officer. Avis Hatcher joins our Code Enforcement team with over 20 years of experience and has worked in cities such as Beverly Hills, Azusa, Agoura Hills and San Dimas. Welcome to Eastvale Avis!

Code Enforcement has been busy. There were 553 inspections conducted from September-December 31, 2015. 2,100 signs removed and 147 shopping carts picked up. You may be cited if you are parked in the street on street sweeping day. If the sign located in your neighborhood states "no parking between the hours of 8am-2pm" you can be ticketed any time between those hours regardless of when the street sweeper came by. Street sweeper signs are located at the major entrances of each neighborhood.

New Businesses:

Eastvale Gateway South (south east corner of Hamner and Limonite) Juice It Up and Panera Bread (drive thru) are now open.

Eastvale Gateway (north east corner of Hamner and Limonite) Pacific Fish Grill Opening March 2016

Marketplace at the Enclave (south west corner of Archibald and Schleisman, CVS Center) Bank of America and RE/Max Vantage are now open. Coming soon: Prestige Preschool

Corona Valley Marketplace (Albertsons Center) Coming soon: Tea Plus; Now open: Great Clips.

The City has launched their E-Citizen app in partnership with the JCSD. This FREE App allows citizens to report non-emergency issues such as: graffiti, park maintenance issues, pot holes, code enforcement issues, sewer issues, water leaks, frontage landscape issues and water waste. Stay informed of all the latest Eastvale related news, agendas, events and more by signing up for e-notification at www.EastvaleCA.gov

• Police Department:

Eastvale Police Department Update: Assistant Chief Scott Forbes gave us updates for last quarter. Vehicle burglaries continue to be a problem in the shopping centers at Limonite and Hamner. Investigators are continually working on leads and/or approaches to minimize the number of burglaries throughout the city. There are tips to help prevent becoming a victim on the City’s website. Some include: locking your doors and not leaving packages in plain view. If you see something suspicious please call the police department’s non-emergency number (951)776-1099.

There have been a number of complaints regarding mail theft from community mailboxes. The City and the Police Department are working with Postal Inspectors to find the criminals. Tips on how to help prevent mail theft can be found on the City’s website.

There have been a series of robberies that have occurred in January and February involving pizza delivery drivers. Investigators, patrol and the SET (Special Enforcement Team)Team are involved.

Last year, the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s station started the COPS and Clergy network as a way to collaborate with faith based groups and reach out to the community in a positive, non-confrontational manner. Any inquiries can be made through Lt. Mike Lujan at the Jurupa Valley Station.

Traffic collisions continue to remain a problem in Eastvale. Limonite, Hamner, Citrus and Sumner are the busiest locations. There were 7 recent accidents involving students on bikes riding to and from school. Many of these accidents were found to be the fault of the students not following the rules of the road. Most were also not wearing helmets. The Eastvale Police Department and the City will be participating in the Safe Routes to School grant to help educate students and their families.

Eastvale’s new motorcycle officer, Deputy Hallenbeck, has been busy issuing citations all over Eastvale. Eastvale has seen a decrease in the overall number of injury traffic collisions since he started.

Question: Any impact on traffic from the multiple soccer tournaments at Silverlakes? Norco is responsible for traffic control and although there has been an increase of soccer participants in the area, Norco has handled it pretty well and Eastvale’s businesses have benefitted.

• JCSD Update:

Todd Corbin, General Manager for the JCSD, informed residents that our conservation efforts are working. We reduced water consumption 30% in the fall and are currently down 24% despite adding 3,500 new customers. The State is requesting that we reduce water consumption by 28%. However, our region will receive changes in our allocation because we are in the desert. The JCSD has also made changes from within: Usually, winter grass is added to the parks and this year, in order to reduce water consumption, the parks were not reseeded.

• Eastvale Community Foundation:

Sharyn Link from the EC Foundation said that their foundation raises funds for the needs and programs that the city desires but lacks the funding. The foundation also provides scholarships for youth sports and art programs. The State of the City will be April 5th at the Eastvale Community Center. Admission to the State of the City and the Dessert reception is free. However, tickets can be purchased for a sit down dinner prior to the event. Look on the city website for more information. The Foundation will also once again host the "Beer and Wine Garden" at the Annual Picnic in the Park June 24-26th. Their 4th Annual Golf Tournament will be held August 12th at Los Serranos Golf Course. If you can help volunteer at any of these events please contact Sharyn Link at (951) 263-0345 or go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ECFoundation

Look on the city’s website or sign up for e-notification for more information. Eastvale car decals are also available for only $5. They are sold at all Eastvale events. All the funds raised stay in Eastvale.

Question: When will the Cell tower/water tower get a design? They are currently working with 4 different entities and hope to have an update soon.

• CNUSD Update:

Deputy Superintendent Sam Buenrostro has replaced Sherry Mata who retired this year. He introduced the ERHS E-STEM Director, Dr. Kim Lawe. Dr. Lawe has a biology and chemistry background and taught at the middle and high school level before becoming Vice Principal for ERHS 6 years ago. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy is still in the planning stages and the District is planning for a 2018/2019 full opening. It will be a 2 story building in the front and a 3 story building in the back. It will be located where the junior varsity softball field is currently located. Students will able to start the STEM program in the 2016/2017 school year.

Rondo Elementary is planned for the west side of Eastvale along Hellman just north of Chandler. This school is needed to provide relief to Rosa Parks Elementary and will be the 6th Elementary school for the Eastvale area. Rondo is expected to open for the 2018 school year if everything goes as planned.

Barton Elementary will be on a traditional school schedule for the 2016/2017 school year. This will be the only elementary school within the Eastvale boundaries that is traditional. All students who requested a transfer into Barton were approved. School population numbers are expected to remain constant because of students transferring out of the school.

CNUSD was able to refinance some of the bonds and save approximately 500 homes $200 a year in taxes.

• Riverside Animal Control:

Mark Visyak from Riverside County Animal Control stated that in 2015 there were 3,631 calls for service. 61 were for aggressive dogs; 99 were animal welfare checks; 53 animal bites; 37 of those animal needed to be quarantined; 246 dead animal pick-ups. 85 citations were issued for rabies and dog licensing issues and 25 warnings were given. Mr. Visyak mentioned that on 1/29/16, a person brought her adult pit bull and her German shepherd puppy into the small dog section at Harada Dog Park. The adult pit bull attacked and killed a Chihuahua that was already inside the small dog section. The pit bull owner was cited and the dog was quarantined. Mr. Visyak stated that the dog park is a "use at your own risk" park and if you see someone using poor judgement that it is best to remove yourself from the park rather than to risk harm to you or your dog.